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Best Baby Bottle Sterilisers in India

Choosing baby bottle sterilisers can be difficult for first-time parents. There are so many brands to choose from that it is easy to end up buying the wrong one! Don’t worry, we have you covered with this article on baby bottle sterilisers. We will give you a guide for choosing the best baby bottle steriliser in India and provide the top 5 best options available in India.

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Why do you need a steriliser?

A steriliser is required as baby bottles must be sterile to avoid germs and bacteria. These can cause sickness which can lead to life-threatening infections in babies. All baby bottle sterilisers work in the same way, boiling water is poured into a chamber that holds baby bottles and lids. The hot steam heats all surfaces of the baby’s feeding equipment killing any harmful bacteria. After around five minutes you can remove your baby’s feeding equipment.

What are the different types of sterilisers available on the market?

There are four main types of baby bottle sterilisers available in India.

Electric steriliser – This type of steriliser is most commonly used to sterile baby bottles in India. It consists of a chamber for baby bottles and lids, an electric jug that heats water to boiling point and many have additional features such as timers or filters.

Steam Steriliser – This baby bottle steriliser works by pouring water into a chamber and then heating it with steam. The baby feeding equipment is placed inside the chamber to be sterile as well as any pacifiers, dummies, or breast pump accessories.

Microwave Steriliser – This type of baby bottle sterilizer consists of a microwave-safe bowl for baby bottles and containers for lids that are microwaved in order to clean them. You must make sure that your baby’s feeding equipment will not melt nor become misshapen from being near direct heat before using this product.

How to choose the right steriliser for you?

When choosing baby bottle sterilisers in India you must consider the following:

Capacity – Will all baby feeding equipment fit inside? If not, which parts will need to be washed by hand and which can go into a baby bottle steriliser.

Additional features – Is it easy to use or does it take up too much space on your countertop? Do you want additional options such as timers and filters (electric baby bottle sterilisers). Does it come with tongs for removing bottles without touching them (steam baby bottle sterilizers)?

Ease of cleaning – Can components be cleaned in dishwasher safe machines or is washing required after each use. Some baby bottle cleaners may have large pieces that are difficult to clean thoroughly. You will need to consider how easy baby bottle sterilisers are to clean before choosing one.

Portability – Is this baby bottle steriliser easily transported or will it take up too much room in your home? If you have limited space, there are baby bottle cleaners available that can be folded for storage purposes when not being used.

Pros and cons of different types of sterilisers?

Electric baby bottle sterilisers

Pros: Wide range of brands and models available. Many additional features such as timers, filters, and tongs for easy use. They are the most popular type globally due to this.

Cons: Can take up a lot of space on your countertop if you have limited kitchen space or will need storage in between uses.

Steam baby bottle sterilizers

Pros: Doesn’t require electricity so can be used anywhere with access to hot water (gas stove). Compact design makes them great for travel purposes too.

Cons: Must wait until boiling point is reached before placing baby equipment inside otherwise it may not kill all harmful bacteria which leads to increased risk of infant illness. May warp some bottles or pacifiers if placed directly next to direct heat.

Microwave baby bottle sterilizers

Pros: No need to add water so is likely more energy-efficient than other baby bottle cleaners when in use. Compact design makes them great for travel purposes too.

Cons: Requires baby feeding equipment being microwaved after cleaning process meaning that some items are not suitable due to potential damage or melting from microwave exposure.

How long does it take for a bottle steriliser to work?

It can take anywhere between five to ten minutes for baby bottle sterilisers in India to work. Electric baby bottle cleaners usually have a timer so if you set it beforehand, the process will begin automatically when the required time passes. Steam baby bottle sterilizers may require additional waiting time after water boils or microwaves are finished which is why they often come with built-in timers too.

We hope you find the best baby bottle steriliser for your needs. Also, we offer other baby product guides which might interest you too.

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