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Best Solar Lights in India

The solar lights are the best way to light up your home for any occasion. They come in handy during power shortage, natural disasters, emergencies or special occasions as they don’t require electricity supply and can be used anywhere irrespective of climate conditions. Solar lamps also have long life span with minimum maintenance and need not be replaced every few years like other lighting fixtures. Thus it is important to buy solar lights carefully depending on your needs.

However, buying solar lights in India can be difficult. There are many options available, and they vary greatly in quality and price. Below is the list of 5 best solar lights available in India.

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What are solar lights and how do they work?

The solar light is usually powered by a battery that stores the solar energy during daytime and provides the required power for illumination at night. This saves you from future expenditure on buying batteries or electricity supply! Solar lights are available in both low-voltage and high voltage options, so it’s important to know your needs before purchase.

Low-voltages lamps take time to get fully charged whereas high voltage ones can be used as soon as they’re plugged into an electric outlet. You must also consider if you need a solar lamp with USB ports (for charging cell phones) or one without them – many people complain about these being too hot to touch after usage for long periods of time due to inadequate ventilations inside the panel.

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Why should I use solar lights instead of other types of lighting?

Solar lamps have a number of advantages. They don’t require any wires or electric supply – all you need is sunlight to provide light at night, which saves you from future expenditure on buying batteries or electricity supply! Solar lamps also have long life span with minimum maintenance and need not be replaced every few years like other lighting fixtures.

How long will my new solar light last before it needs to be replaced?

An average solar lamp lasts anywhere from five to ten years before it needs replacement – but even then you can just get another one if that is what you want. Though like any product on the market today, there exist some models with better quality than others – so make sure to do research beforehand rather than getting stuck with a defective product which has shorter life span as well as lower battery efficiency (some last only six months!). Also, the cost of replacing a solar lamp is only a few hundreds of rupees.

How do I know if my home is suitable for solar lights?

For installing solar lights in your home, you need to have a proper roof which can support solar panels. If the condition of your roof is not suitable for installing solar lights then it would be best that you either get new tiles or just install them on top of an old one instead.

The solar panel has to be strategically placed in order to collect all the sunrays and the solar cells have to be facing south for maximum exposure. The location should also provide enough light during winter months as well because they will work less efficiently when there’s no sunlight available.

What are the different types of solar lights available on the market today?

There are a number of solar lights on the market today depending on your needs. The best place to start is by deciding what you need and then moving forward from there. For instance, if you want something that’s both practical as well as stylish, consider getting solar motion activated security flood light or rain sensor garden lamp

If style is more important than anything else, get one with classic design such as floral print solar street lamp which not only looks attractive but also illuminates dark areas. On the other hand if utility matters most for you, go for LED panel lamps – they’re cost effective in long run because of low running costs and can be installed anywhere due to their flexible nature.

How much does it cost to install a set of solar lights in my home?

The solar lights can be installed without any hassle. All you need is to buy the solar lights and place it in an area where there’s enough sunlight during daytime. This will ensure that your solar lights have sufficient amount of energy. The installation cost depends on factors such as how many solar panels are required for wiring etc. It also varies depending on the size and complexity of project.

How much money can I save with solar lights?

Solar lights are energy efficient and cost effective as they don’t need any kind of external power supply so you can save around a few thousands of rupees per year. You will also be able to reduce the carbon footprint by not emitting harmful gases into the atmosphere which in turn has a positive impact on our environment.

Is it possible to install solar lights outdoors?

Yes, with some important considerations: there should be enough sunlight during day time; areas that come under shade or have limited sun exposure pose more difficulties because these places require more electricity from grid.

How many hours of sunlight will my solar lights need to charge fully?

Solar lights are best used during nights and you will require a minimum of eight hours of sunlight to charge the solar panel fully so that it can provide light for 12 hours after getting darkness. If there is limited sun exposure, your solar light might not work properly as it needs enough power from its battery life in order to function well.

It depends on how much power has been made by the panels; at this point an inverter would be required but their cost makes them ineligible when compared with grid electricity prices which then requires more investment upfront before returning profitable results over time.

What happens if there’s no sun or clouds in the sky, will my solar lights still work?

When there is no sun or clouds in the sky, your solar lights will not work. Your best option is a light that has both an AC adapter and battery backup if you want to be able to use them when there’s no sun or on cloudy days.

If you live somewhere where sunlight doesn’t seem to reach for hours during winter months, then it might make sense investing in solar panels with more efficient technology as they’ll produce more power than less sophisticated ones which means better running time for your solar lights.

Many people find themselves getting frustrated waiting around at night for their Solar Lights to charge up before heading out into the dark; this problem can all too often be solved by installing solar powered street lamps along walkways and sidewalks so everyone is safe.

If you are also looking for other lighting solutions, we also have a great blog posts about ceiling and LED panel lights. Let us know if you need any further help deciding which light to install in your home!

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