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Trampolines are fun, but not without some risks. There are a number of important safety considerations you should take into account when buying or using a trampoline. This guide will help you buy the best trampoline for your kids in India!

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What is a trampoline and how does it work?

Trampolines are simple in design and concept. They consist of a bed-like device suspended by springs, which is used as an exercise equipment for jumping. A trampoline consists of one large bounce area with the perimeter surrounded by padding or netting to protect users from falling off while bouncing on it. These days advanced designs come equipped with features like weather resistant pads & mats, repair patch kits etc.

A trampoline works similar to how you might jump on a mattress at home – the difference being that all trampolines have safety components for protection. Some even offer auto balancing feature using gravity sensors that adjusts mat tension based on user’s weight. The more expensive models usually come equipped with some kind of safety enclosure for added protection.

Types of trampolines available in India?

Trampolines come in various types and styles. The two most common types of trampoline designs are:

Folding Trampoline – These trampolines can be easily folded into a small footprint for storage or transportation by tilting the bed up, folding the legs & locking them together, then rolling it on wheels like luggage. This is one of the most compact units available which makes it easy to move around as needed. It’s also light weight enough for a single person to carry.

Rectangular Frame Trampoline – As its name suggests, this type has a rectangular shaped metal frame with springs attached from all four corners . The size varies based on what you need but they typically range between 12ft x12ft and 14ft x14ft. These units are a little more difficult to store or move around, but offer maximum bouncing area of any trampoline type available in India.

There’s also a third type called the “Blast Zone Trampolines” which is basically an advanced version of rectangle frame models with patented features like elevated bounce surface for added safety & comfort, weather resistant pads etc. They’re designed mainly for professional use by parks and schools where durability is key since they face extreme outdoor conditions on daily basis.

Why should you buy a trampoline for your kids?

Trampolines make a wonderful exercise equipment for your kids. It’s fun and engaging, but more importantly it helps in developing good coordination & motor skills at an early age . Research has shown that trampoline exercises can help improve physical health such as bone strength , muscle development etc if done correctly and regularly.

Once they get familiar with bouncing on the bed without any safety enclosure or padding, you can move them over to advanced models with patented features like elevated bounce surface which offers added protection while jumping just like professional grade units used by parks and schools where durability is key since they face extreme outdoor conditions on daily basis.

How to choose the right size of trampoline for your kid?

The size of trampoline to buy depends on the age and weight of your child. Most manufacturers have a suggested age range for each model which is very important when choosing one. Some models come with weight capacity based features that can accommodate more than one kid at a time, while others are designed just for a single user only .

You should also consider how much space you have available in your backyard or house before buying since bigger units take up quite some floor space compared to smaller designs like folding trampolines. Another thing worth considering is the safety components included with different types & styles such as padding around perimeter, weather resistant pads etc. You definitely don’t want any accidents happening during jumping sessions so make sure it’s well equipped with necessary safety features.

What safety precautions should be taken while using a trampoline?

There are certain safety precautions that should always be taken when using a trampoline. Some of them include:

– Never place trampoline on hard surfaces such as concrete, stone or tile flooring . This can cause the metal frame and springs to chip and crack over time leading to accidents due to exposed sharp edges. You need soft grassy area without any obstructions around it so kids don’t bump into anything while jumping up & down energetically.

– Position your trampoline away from play equipment like swing sets, jungle gyms etc since its not meant for physically active children who want hang out at playground all day long.

– Trampoline should always be used under the supervision of an adult or responsible person who can make sure they’re not doing any dangerous activities that may lead to injuries .

– Don’t allow more than one kid on trampoline at a time since there’s no telling what might happen when two kids are jumping up & down together simultaneously with high energy levels. This is especially true for toddlers and infants below age of five.

Comparison between inflatable and metal frame trampolines?

Trampolines with metal frame are more durable, safer and offer better bounce compared to inflatable ones. It’s a matter of personal preference though since both have their pros & cons . Inflatable trampolines on one hand provides a convenient storage option while taking little space in your garage or basement when not used for months together. On the other hand they tend to deflate over time which can be quite annoying if it happens frequently.

Metal frames models on the other hand don’t require any air pumps or manual filling up with air every now and then which make them an ideal choice especially for active kids who want use trampoline all day long without needing much maintenance effort from parents’ end except routine safety checkups.

We hope you find the best trampoline for your baby. Also, check out our other baby products that might interest you.

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