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Best USB Type-C Cables in India

Type-C USB cables are an excellent way to make your life easier. All you have to do is plug in one end and it will charge or sync any device with a Type-C port, which includes the latest MacBook Pro! But there can be some confusion when it comes to buying them in India. There is no common standard for type C USB cables, and so you need to know what kind of cable you need before going shopping. In this blog post, we’ll help you figure out how much money should I spend on my new Type-C cable? And more importantly – what are the best options?
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What is USB Type-C?

USB Type-C is the latest and most advanced USB standard. It looks like a large micro-B connector, but the Type-C connectors are reversible – you can plug in either way around, which makes them much easier to use compared to older types of USB ports that had specific ways they needed to be plugged into charge or sync your devices. A downside of having an all new port means it will take some time for prices on these cables to come down as manufactures make them more cost effective.

What are the benefits of USB Type-C cables?

You can use a USB Type-C cable to charge your phone, tablet or laptop. All you need is one end and it will work on any device with the Type C port! This saves you from carrying around a range of different cables depending on what device you want to recharge or sync. They also come in really handy when travelling abroad as they’re compatible with all sorts of devices ( if not now, at least at some time in the future). However, there should be a high-end USB-C cable to work with all the compatible devices. The affordable options might limit you to slow charging and data transfer speeds.

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Does the type of cable matter if both ends are the same type (USB-C)?

It does not matter, you can use a USB-C to C or a Type-A to C. The only thing that matters is how the cable on your device (your phone, laptop) connects and what type of port it has on the other end. Type-C cables are an excellent way for those who want to stay connected with their devices without carrying around all sorts of different cables! With Type-C ports now being available in laptops like MacBook Pro – it’s a great time to invest in some high quality cables but make sure you know exactly which one you’re purchasing before going shopping so that they work across multiple devices.

How to use the right type of USB-C cable for my device?

The first thing you need to do is check your device’s USB port. If the one end of the cable has a Type-A connector, then it will work on any computer or smartphones with a Type-C port – but not other devices that have a different type of USB ports like MicroUSB. If the one end of this cable has a Type-C connector, and your device also sports one at the bottom for charging/syncing then congratulations! You can use any kind of cables between them as long as both ends are compatible.

We hope you found the best USB Type-C cable for your needs and that this list helps. Also, there are plenty of other computer accessories to check out as well.

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